Buniga Plants & Animals:
While Buniga Forest is an isolated forest fragment, its floral diversity is rich. Within the Forest you will encounter many indigenous plant species with special importance to the Batwa people. Keep your eyes open for the giant lobelias and tree ferns which give Buniga Forest its mystical feel and species like Syzygium which provides food for chimpanzees. Your Batwa guides will point out the species of interest and tell you how different species provided medicine or fiber for clothing or construction materials.


Buniga Forest is known for its diversity of bird life, with over 100 species of birds identified within and near to the forest. The trail within Buniga Forest allows visitors the chance to sit and listen and spot different species of birds. The Forest is also important habitat for many mammal species including small antelopes called duikers and primates like black-and-white colobus, red-tailed, blue, and L’hoesti monkeys. Keep your eyes out and ears open for signs of Chimpanzees that occasionally visit Buniga Forest.