Batwa People

In an effort to save Uganda’s last forests, their settlement by humans- hunter-gatherers and cultivators alike- is now prohibited.
Thus, the Batwa people no longer roam their traditional forest home land but exist instead along its margins.
The transition to a new existence outside the forest has not been easy for the Batwa.

The Buniga Forest Walk provides the means for the Batwa to preserve and earn an income from their culture and heritage.
The forest walk provides Batwa guides with employment while the Sanuriiro visit enables women to sell crafts. Thus, the initiative benefits the Batwa themselves, you the visitor and the forest.

The Batwa who guide visitors on the walk know Buniga Forest well, having learned from their fathers and mothers, aunts, uncles, and grandparents how to subsist on what the forest provided. It is with great joy that they share this knowledge and the experience of the forest with you.
A community guide will also accompany you on the Buniga Forest Walk, serving as your translator, so that you can ask questions of your Batwa guides.