Your guides on the Buniga Forest Walk learned the skills and knowledge they will show you from their elders.
It is with great pride and satisfaction that they pass this knowledge to you in a wonderful exchange that happens both in Buniga Forest and in the Sanuriiro Batwa Settlement.
Feel at ease and among friends on your walk.
All of your guides are from the Nkuringo area, including the Batwa guides and a community guide to serve as your translator from the local language used by the Batwa guides to English.

Irene MUHAWE, Mutwa Guide:
Irene is one of the many women that also participate as guides in the Buniga Forest Walk and also a Sanuriiro resident. She is clearly a leader in her community and will lead different parts of your Walk.

Kenneth ALELUYA, Community Guide:

Kenneth is one of several community guides that work with NCCDF. He, or one of his colleagues, will serve as your translator for your visit.

Christof KAGUNDU, Mutwa Guide:

Christof is one of the lead guides on the Buniga Forest Walk and a resident of the Sanuriiro settlement. Christof learned his forest knowledge from his father and grandfather.