Batwa Settlement

The transition to a new existence outside the forest has not been easy for the Batwa. Many exist as landless squatters while more fortunate communities live in new, purpose-built villages.

The Buniga Forest Walk includes a visit to one such settlement at Sanuriiro.

You are welcome to ask questions and discuss the Batwa’s situation directly with them. The same guides that take you through Buniga Forest as the Batwa lived then, will take you to where they live now in Sanuriiro settlement.

After a short tour, sit and visit with members of the community, both young and old and watch the women weave the traditional baskets of the region, with natural materials and dyes.

The community members of Sanuriiro are finding other ways of subsistence, building on their traditional knowledge learned from their elders in the forest. From gathering of wild honey in the forest to the cultivation of bees in beehives, which are shown here.

The Buniga Forest Walk, by providing employment opportunities, allows for the Batwa to make a living off of their forest knowledge,

Plus an opportunity to pass the old ways down to the younger generations who are growing up in settlements like Sanuriiro.

Your visit also validates that their traditional knowledge has value and contributes toward elevating the social status of the Batwa in the larger community.

The Buniga Forest Walk has been developed slowly, over many years, so that the benefits and rights of those involved are clearly established and the foundation for this as a tourist encounter.

The Buniga Forest Walk is an authentic culture and nature experience with the benefits going directly back into the community.